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This is a loose aggressive player’s dream game, where he/she makes a play at you from their favorite position and starting hands at the table even though after the flop there are two high ranking cards and he/she pairs a lower ranking card, they will fish and represent their way to the river in hope to bad beat and bluff your chips off you no matter the bet! Unless your bets are high enough to stop them in their tracks, you’ll have no chance of stopping them.

This loose aggressive player is one of the most dangerous types of player you will ever come across at the table, no matter how many players are in the pot against them preflop, on the flop, turn or river, especially when the blinds are lower in the early stages of the tournament.

They seem to do well from other player’s perspective, their chip stack looking quite nice in the early stages - but sooner or later they will come across a tight aggressive player who will surely take all their chips from them, which is their own fault because they just don’t know when to stop - which is a shame.

All that hard work, time and effort in bluffing, representing, building their chips up nicely in hope to struggle their way to the final table to give them away half way through the tournament. Playing No limit to the final table is mentally tiring - at the end a player can be exhausted. I would hate to think how they would be feeling. And if you're thinking of slowplaying against them it's better to preflop than after, because any ranking card that shows they like they will surely make their move on you, and will quickly get a read of your position and the size of your bet if not high enough to stop them.

The only way to beat this type of player is the size of your bets and the timing of your bet; your bet, if you have the equity to back it up, must be high enough to make him/her stop fishing and drawing you out to the river. You must quickly read how they have played their previous starting hands against yourself and other players at the table. It’s going to take clever play from you by checking and mixing up play to outplay them at their own game.

That means your starting hands must be good ones to challenge that type of player, because if it's not you will end up losing most or all of your chips in the process. It's ok to simulate their kind of play to build up your chip stack in the early rounds but you must then adapt and change your gears very quickly from table to table to keep in the tournament on your way hopefully to the final table. Even when the blinds are high and the antes are in effect they will bet even more aggressively to hopefully have enough chips to reach their goal of getting to the final table, but then that type of player is always a frustrated one because his natural game always lets him down and he will hardly ever reach that wonderful buzz of getting to a final table, except from a observers point of view. The best style to adopt is all the styles there are from loose to tight but the main medium is the tight aggressive style, even then as the blinds and antes get higher and you find your chip stack isn’t, you can't afford to sit and wait for those big hands to come.

If the table you find yourself on is a weak one, then you have to rely on your mixed play, bluffing skills and representation techniques to gain more chips and hope you do come across a loose aggressive player, because if done right he/she will surely help you build up your stack. Learning from their mistakes can help you improve your game and ride to the final from their misfortunes, as for the final table if you are lucky enough to come across this type of player treasure the moment don’t be afraid of challenging his/her moves because you will come out on top not them in this wonderfully challenging game.